Eexxppoann is a techno producer/dj based in Seoul. 'Eexxppoann' is the abbreviation for 'Exponential Expansion', which is the initial physical process of the big bang. As a director of the experimental techno party Constant Value, he aims to create techno sounds with structural and spatial experiments. This is also due to his other profession: apart from being a musician he works as an architect. His music and architecture simultaneously evolve structurally and aesthetically coinciding. 
He recently released EP [Phenomenal Reality] from Absolute Records in Italy. It includes three experimental techno tracks including [Strato], [XSP MMXV I] and [Borderline XXI II].


Producer / Live Performer based in Busan. Tokyo Born in Japan, 3rd Generation Korean/Japanese. hainu vocal and guitar, composer. 'haku sungho', musician, performs both solo and together with Toshi Tsuchiya in their band 'hainu'. haku engages in various kinds if art including the making of paintings, drawings, photos and song recordings for movies. He also collaborates with other musicians, dancers, and artists, in experimental and improvisational art. haku has performed in Tokyo, Yokohama, Seoul, Busan, London, Hong Kong, and other various locations.


SARA AM is an electronic musician and DJ based in Tokyo born in 1979, whose interest lies in esoteric exaltation and functionality. Turntable-noise, real-time sampling, dub, and beat music heavily inspire his experimental output, and he is currently exploring new territories to expand on his original style. He has performed both hardware-only and computer based live performances, as well as his versatile DJ performances at Dommune, Red Bull Music Academy Weekender, various club events, gallery, and outdoor music events.



Hyunzun You, a video director of Yhertz FILMS and an artist / executive producer of Constant Value, has announced his intense short film <Buddha Gaya> in early of this year. After building up the frame with idea inspired by Buddhism and Lacan’s philosophy, he added sensational images on it. The film has not been only screened, but also projected in a Tokyo underground club Solfa with a techno musician Eexxppoann and VJ Sinn, in a form of Live-Cinema. Being interested in multidisciplinary interact and approach, he does not stop experimenting, and this trial boosts him to develop ‘Noncinema’, an experimental film screening co-organized by Yhertz FILMS and Constant Value.


Sinn focuses on the expansion of scope of thinking that caused by visual experiences. Filling up the light and graphic in present time and space, he renders us to climb the wall of the present, and makes us freely move across the past and the future. The phenomenon that the form being collapsed, is the function of visual that he believes.


DJ / Producer based in Tokyo

As a member of Space Baghdad, C-Kay has been organizing the party “SPACE" and working as a resident DJ of it. This party invited Dadub(Stroboscopic Artefacts, Berlin) in 2015 and will invite Inner8(Holotone, Berlin) and UVB(Mord, Rotterdam) in 2016 as guests. She also has been organizing the party “常世の国” at Click, Tokyo, and invited artists including Koichi Shimizu, Eexxppoann and Ametsub. Also she recently joined Constant Value as a resident DJ and will play dj sets regularly in Seoul.



The project UNHUMAN is all about darkness and misanthropy. All human himself, Manos Simotas is the producer, DJ and promoter working behind this alias, creating a radical extreme sound with drone and rhythm influences mixed with the worst human nightmares.
More and more interested in radical noise, experimental and industrial music, a whole new world of possibilities opened up when Manos moved to Berlin in 2012. After founding the Lärm-Alarm-Lärm festival, he combined the idea of underground music and high quality events and brought the result onto a next level.


Sinus O is a french electronic music artist who studied sound engineering in Paris. In 2006 he began djing and later introduced the modular style movement in Paris as resident of the famous french rave organization called OFF. His music is distinct, percussive with frenetic rhythms, he develops experimental, noise and dark sounds with intoxicating paces. He is now resident of ORDER Paris and Constant Value Seoul, and he's very encouraged in the french Techno scene.



Oslon is a Seoul based musician, who explores inherent sound of nature and earth, and psychedelic elements hidden in it. Memories soaked in the abyss are something he enjoys to portrait through the medium, sound. Having started his musical career as a drummer of a rock band, over 20 years he had been dealing with various genre of musics and instruments. In 2015, Oslon participated Damirat's remix album, and recently he teamed up with Eexxppoan. 'Modus Tollens', this newly born project duo is gearing up to experiment their musical collision. Meanwhile, Oslon strives to introduce Korean and overseas underground artists through his own podcast 'Oslated'.


With a strong interest in underground movement in different cities, she writes based on her personal experiences. As a Constant Value writer, she sticks with the scene and struggles to report and introduce about this vigorous happening in Seoul. Recently she has launched Niliu Diba, a web magazine focusing on electronic music, nightlife and cinema.